Top 10 Juiciest Burgers: Austin’s Best

It goes without saying, but just in case let’s reiterate – burgers are the world’s most perfect food. While in Austin, you’ll need a break from Taco’s and BBQ. It’s totally okay to find relief with a burger, fries, and a Lone Star.

Let’s cover the best Austin has to offer:

Casino El Camino

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This is like a perfect Madison Burger…

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This place is a total gem – you’d think they accidentally invented the Dive Bar. Weird jukebox, odd decor, dark, dirty, and serving up the best and juiciest burgers Austin has seen.

Featured is the Madison Burger – with beer-braised pork belly, jalapeño jack cheese, delicious sautéed onions, and baconnaise.

For a little heat go with their Amarillo Burger (a can’t miss order) – with roasted serrano peppers, jalapeño jack cheese and cilantro mayo, this hunk is dreamy.

Luke’s Inside Out

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Luke’s is a great little truck parked outside of Gibson Street Bar on S. Lamar. They offer a few great sandwiches but nothing compares to The Burger. Well seasoned, great texture of the beef, extra cheesy, and cooked to perfection. Lot’s to love.


Plancha burger, made simply and in the classic way – American cheese, special sauce, and served on a challah bun. It comes with a cute little dish of homemade pickles to top.

Always cooked to perfection and cheesy! Yum!

Le Politique 

Austin’s newest french restaurant downtown brings an awesome spin with their Legation Burger – morbier cheese, frisée, cornichons, tomato fondue, and served with thin salty French fries. This is like the classic Steak Frites for someone on a burger budget.

If you like it cooked medium rare – ask for the chef recommended French preparation style, it ups the game.


This place has some serious soul, swag, and sex appeal. Another French restaurant hitting the list for their burger, I’m sensing a trend here.

If escargot, red wine, and a Royale with Cheese sounds like a fun way to spend a night, then put this on your own list.


The classic Austin chain features some incredible selections and interesting options to explore over multiple visits. The Primetime burger, featured above, is topped with brie, truffle aioli, caramelized onion, arugula, and a tomato.

For a lighter option – their Tuna Burger is equally as incredible.


This is just a plain delicious burger. They do everything right, starting with the ground beef straight from their family cattle ranch outside of town. The super cute restaurant, excellent ambiance, and lovely outdoor seating area right along the river will provide for a nice evening, or even better, brunch.

Dirty Martin’s Place

When you serve up burgers for 91 years, you’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a great one. This place isn’t anything fancy, mostly serving up the local UT students. Order the classic “O.T.” with bacon, the cheese tots are a nice addition.

Salt & Time

This joint just added some additional seating expanding their dining room. The burger steals the show especially when you throw in the house bacon, swiss cheese, and a fried egg – out of this world.  The burger comes served along with duck fat fries, so good.

If you’re feeling adventurous check out their daily butchers oddities menu – some fun stuff to try on there.

Odd Duck

Their burger is only served for lunch, so if in the neighborhood make sure to swing by. They rotate the burger fairly frequently – currently serving it topped with pepper jack cheese, refried bean mayo, tostada, and pico.

The trick here is they grill the burger cold, providing for a great sear and locking in the juice – just perfect.