The Dirty Martini

The martini is a fantastic way to start things off and look classy AF. In almost every social occasion it’s important to have the right cocktail in hand, and a martini will be acceptable in every situation. There is no better baseline drink than the classic martini and it pairs well with a dress or jacket.

What goes into a martini? What makes a martini dirty? How do you make a martini?

The Variable Parts

The baseline Martini is one part dry vermouth to four parts gin.

Now there are lots of variables to consider when ordering or making your own at home. We’ll dive into each of these.

Vodka or Gin?

There is a lot of gray area here. Historically martini’s were all made with gin. The thing is, vodka has grown more popular in recent decades, hence the gray area. While the debate rages on, I’ll stick with vodka. A wise person told me to just drink the wine I like, don’t try to impress anyone with your palette. I apply similar logic with the martini, vodka has a simple clean taste and a range of prices to accommodate every budget.

Vodka it is, preferably Tito’s – after all we’re in Austin.

Dry, Wet, or Dirty?

First some definitions – but this is all about amount of vermouth or other liquids.

Dry – This has little to no Vermouth. A lot of people who like dry martinis like them really dry – usually just a rinse of vermouth.

Wet – This has more dry vermouth than the typical 1/5th ratio. Some people here may even do half dry vermouth, half sweet vermouth – just to make things more complicated.

Dirty – Same ration or vermouth to vodka/gin – but with a little bit of olive brine. This makes for a tasty, a bit salty cocktail. Most people who like dirty martinis like VERY dirty martinis.

I like it dirty, and naturally very dirty – like Christina Aguilera dirrrrty:

The Garnish

The classic calls for an olive or two. This is never a bad way to go, especially if you’re looking for a little snack with your liquid dinner or lunch (who am I to judge).

Others like a bit of citrus and the oils from a lemon peel. Order or make it “with a twist” for a lemon peel garnish.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives – as far as we’re concerned, this is a must. Olives are great, blue cheese stuffed olives are better.


Tito’s martini, extra dirty, with a few blue cheese stuffed olives please!

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How to Make a Martini

Dirty Martini Recipe

1/4 oz dry vermouth

1/4 oz sweet vermouth

1/2 oz olive juice

2 oz favorite vodka


  1. Pour all liquids into a shaker with plenty of ice, give it all a few firm shakes, strain into chilled glass.
  2. Add 3 blue cheese stuffed olives on a toothpick for garnish, and enjoy.